Posted by: Jenny Davidow | June 21, 2010

Tidal Wave Dreams

Tidal Wave Dreams

Tsunami dream


  1. I dreamed of a speeding train.

    A couple of months ago I had a dream with another symbol that embodied something large and powerful speeding towards me – a railroad train. I had not made the connection to Tidal Wave dreams until I read your blog.

    I was with my 21 year old son in the dream. I am in my 50s, and though I seemed aware of who I was throughout the dream – that is, I felt that I was my age – I felt youthfully vigorous. We were on a platform in the open air – just beyond a grove of trees, actually – when I saw a train speeding down a track. There were two tracks, and that train was around eight feet from us. Then, I looked up again and saw another train on the closer track – it was only a few inches from the platform. It was going so fast that it was now closer than the other train, and was the only one we could see.

    It went whizzing by at perhaps 80 or 100 miles per hour, and my son was standing only inches away! I was afraid, so I pulled him back – it took all my effort, including my teeth grasping the back of his shirt, to do so. Then we stood around four feet away – and the most incredible shift occurred.

    Billboards or signs on the cars didn’t just whiz by – they played like frames in a movie. We understood that people were inside the cars, which had looked like boxcars without doors. Then my son stepped forward into the door of a train car, even as the train was moving at full speed. After a second or so, I followed. I felt absolutely calm in doing so.

    The train seems like a symbol for the way that my life is rapidly changing now, and for the way I am getting over my fears. My son’s life is changing, too, as one would hope for a 21 year old. I have just started a new job, he has moved out of state, and so far, we both seem to be enjoying our journeys.

    • Charles,
      I’m very glad my post on tidal wave dreams helped you to make the connection to your train dream! At first you seemed to fear the train’s speed – as when you pulled your son back with everything you had, including your teeth. But then you experienced a shift from fear to calm, as you described it. Once your “son” (perhaps a more adventurous part of you) entered the speeding train, the train no longer seemed dangerous to you. You could move forward to enter its rapid-moving energy, and do it safely.

      On this new leg of your journey, you are making a very significant shift – a change from your initial reaction of standing back in fear.

      Every night, dreams offer us opportunities to reconnect with energies and abilities that have been put aside, in our subconscious. In dreams, that energy comes toward us, wanting to reconnect with us.

      I’d like to suggest one more layer of meaning. Everything in our dreams represents, on one level, a part of our consciousness. The biggest benefit of doing dreamwork comes from “trying on” the energy of our symbols, and in that way reintegrating their strengths into our conscious resources.

      So I’d like you to take a moment to consider: the speeding train is a positive energy in you that you are in the process of reclaiming. You are stepping into and entering a valuable energy inside of you, as when you entered the train in your dream.

      Try imagining yourself *as the train* for a few moments. Feel its power, its speed, its forward motion inside your body. Notice the high energy and acceleration inside of you. You can tune into this energy any time you want to. It will support you and carry you forward.

  2. Hi, Jenny!

    Dreams are such a rich source of insight and growth. In your teachings I learned some valuable tools! On occasion I have awakened from an uncomfortable dream and took the time to “re-do” it with a better ending which felt great.

    I am still amazed how your dream technique worked with my daughter who was having those horrible dreams – she hasn’t had one since I used your dream dialogue with her. All of my children enjoy sharing their dreams with each other – so dreams are still very much talked about in our family.

    The things I’ve learned from you continue to bear fruit, and I thank you. I think of you and our dream group often and appreciate that learning experience so much. It certainly was a unique and exciting opportunity – I feel so lucky to have been a part of it.

    It’s great to be in touch again! It sounds like you are doing well in the Seattle area – congrats! Thanks so much!

  3. It’s nice to know others have this dream. It is indeed an angry wave!!

    For me it oscillates in periods that are just about like in a real ocean (the bigger waves in the period), but just super huge, like sometimes it can actually crash behind me (and all these other people in the dream too! man I am really having a “doh!” moment right now)…. You know I think I remember now that at first the crash was more momentous than it is now. Equally scary, but I guess I’m used to it! It might be because I have a plan right now..

    I’ve had this dream several times for the last two or three years (I guess), but it hadn’t occurred to me to google it until just now when I downloaded this Win 7 Surfing theme and thought about it consciously. I think that when I’ve been in front of real waves, it doesn’t occur to me to remember this dream because I’m a bit busy in the moment — water waves can be so formidable, it’s such a wonderful and appropriate analogy!! Thanks 🙂

  4. I googled dreams and waves and came to this site.

    My dreams tend to be very abstract and I sometimes have a hard time retelling them or articulating them, the way I understand them. I have dreamt about waves four times over this year and this last one, the wave was so massive, like nothing you could imagine. I live in the city and I am already five stories up, but if I had to guess, I would say the wave was as tall as 2 Empire state buildings on top of one another.

    At first, I was with a friend atop a hill, very very high up, and I looked over to see a large ocean. The ocean was so breathtakingly beautiful. It was purple, blue, pink and glittered sheets of sparkling gold from the reflection of the sun. I thought to myself how I wanted to go down there (to the water).

    I don’t remember how I got there, but next thing I know, I was not just on the shore line, but in a ditch. It lined the shore. But for some reason this was normal, as if the water did not flood the ditch (oddly)… It was a decent size trench. I could sit in it, and still have to half way stand up to see over.

    All I remember from there is that I had puppies in a box. Two or three. They were about 3 weeks old, adorable and I was playing with them. Next thing you know, that massive Tidal wave is coming… I am sitting and can see the top of it coming. It was scary. I could do nothing, but in my dream I had some type of tarp, I laid down and covered myself and the puppies with this tarp. It must’ve been some magic tarp because it sealed off all water in my dream.

    I remember anticipating the hit of the wave, I felt it and thought I wasnt going to be able to breathe, but I did. i peaked out and the first wave had gone. Then I saw a second one. This time, I escaped to some underground cave that was against the wall trench by my feet. There were other People in the cave with children, calm and playing.

    When the wave hit…. The only thing that represented it was this wall with one of those “water walls”… Like an art piece. I dont know if you have ever seen waterfalls that fall down and stick to the wall, they have them sometimes in malls. Anyway, that is what it sizzled down to and for some reason, the water outside, never was able to flood the inside of our cave, even though, we were below it and the opening was the shore. I guess in my mind it had to do with the speed of the water and the opening being to small to pass through for the water. That is how I made sense of it in my dream.

    I am not sure what to think of it. All of my dreams are bizarre and very detailed this way.

    • Hi, Anna,

      Thanks for your beautiful and detailed description of a tidal wave dream.

      There are many aspects to your dream that are worth noting. Of course the size and power of the tidal wave is very important – as a symbol it points to something in you that is seeking to be expressed, something that wants your conscious mind to take notice.

      Although you have some fear and anxiety in the dream that the wave’s massive power could harm you, it is significant that you find what I would call creative ways to be safe.

      What I notice most in your description are the very positive elements that are present in each “scene:” the beautiful colors of the ocean, the adorable puppies in a box (which you succeed in protecting), the magic tarp, the children who are calmly playing, and lastly the “water wall” that is like an art piece.

      The presence of these positive elements suggests to me that there is a very beautiful, playful, creative part of you that wants more expression in your daily life.

      When dreams repeat, as your tidal wave dream repeats, it means your subconscious is sending you a very important message. This dream, or a dream with a similar message, will keep repeating until you understand the message and put it into action in your life.

      What I suggest, Anna, is that you try on each of those positive symbols: speak as the ocean of beautiful colors, for instance, saying, “I am the ocean of beautiful colors. I have purple, blue, pink and glittered sheets of sparkling gold from the reflection of the sun inside me.”

      Follow the steps of the Inner Dialogue, described in my book and the book excerpt on my website, When you do these steps for the positive symbols, and then perhaps for the wave also, you will discover many personal meanings that are embedded in the dream and which will tell you what you are needing right now in your life.

      Doing the Inner Dialogue work on your dream will help you to resolve any repeating dream or nightmare. Further, your dreamwork will greatly enhance your dreams, making them meaningful and satisfying adventures.

      • Thank you so much for replying. I happen to be a dancer professionally as well as a designer and artist. It makes sense that I am seeking an outlet because I have felt suppressed creatively. I will look into your book.

        Thanks a lot again.


      • Hi, Anna,

        While it is true tht everyone has creative ability, creative professionals like you (and like me) need to continually encourage, nurture and express that creativity in order to feel in balance and happy.

        Just as we would naturally feed and nurture a beloved pet, or take care of a friend who is ailing, we need to give that same kind and compassionate attention to our creative side.

        I’m glad my suggestions were helpful. Please let me know how it goes.


  5. In the last two weeks I’ve had 4 wave dreams. I never felt scared in them, I felt more angry than fear. But I woke up form all four feeling very positive and happy about them.

    1) I suddenly found myself on top of a man-made indoor tidal wave. I did feel vertigo and I didn’t want to go down it. I looked down and a surfboard appeared under my feet. Then someone pushed me from behind and I saw others who drowned but I surfed it and landed on the white ground with both feet. I jumped up and said “woo let’s do it again!”

    2) I was on holiday in the UK. I had travelled there by a small boat that I had driven all the way form Australia. I was in a white hotel right next ot the water. I was in the lobby having a chat then I saw a tsunami off in the distance. Others panicked I didn’t. I explained that Tsunamis travel extremely fast and all we had time for is to run up the stairs. So everyone followed me up the stairs. I prayed to God for protection and the water came up over the hotel and there was liqifaction too so the hotel was completley under water. But not one drop of water came in the hotel. Afterward I knew there was another worse one coming, so we went outside and ran up the hill. Into a building with a spire. It wasn’t as large as the first dream wave.

    3) I was on holiday on a Island in Spain. I had arrived by a hire car which was rusty and white. I was on a secluded local’s beach and the water was amazing. I wanted to go in but I felt that something strange was going to happe. Everyone was asking me to jump in the water and I said “no, I think there is something wrong here.” I waited and I was right. It was another tidal wave, more like a surge. I was standing next to a tree and I held on, and the wave came and swept some people up, but I was totally fine. I was warning people of another wave and they wouldn’t listen, so I left. The wave wasn’t as large as the second.

    4) I was by the river and I was given a white caravan which was painted green inside. I lent the caravan out to sick people and a doctor. The sick people were depressing me, so I went for a walk along the river. The water was calm and clear, but then it started to move and it was like the water became a hand almost and tried to get me and sweep me into the river. I managed to sweep my shoes into the river and I saw that the bottom of the river was actually quicksand. I was angry and I ran up a hill to a big white building. The wave wasn’t as large as the third.

    So every wave dream is smaller than the last and less scary but annoying. That’s how I felt in the dreams — more annoyed than anything. There are many different opinions as to what waves mean in dreams. Some say its emotions, money, sexuality etc. I thought I’d see what you thought. I’ll add again I woke up feeling happy and positive after these dreams. And I feel its a good thing the waves are smaller than the last. So what are your thoughts?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi, Bella,

      Your dreams are very rich in detail, and every detail is there for a reason. Although I can take a guess at some of the meanings and messages in your dreams, it is much better for you, the dreamer, to discover what specifically these dreams are telling you as they relate to your life right now.

      For instance, I bolded some of the symbols that seemed connected — you have: white ground, a white hotel, a rusty and white car, and a white caravan. Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so.

      So while you’re looking at the patterns of your tidal wave dreams, you’ve already noticed that the waves get smaller, and you’re less afraid, even if two or three waves come in succession in one dream. That’s just the beginning. The next thing to notice is what kind of interactions you’re having with other people. In the first dream other people drown, but you surf the wave successfully. In the second, you are unafraid and lead people to safety. In the third you know there’s danger, but people don’t listen to you. In the fourth you help sick people, then barely avoid the river and quicksand, get angry and go uphill to a big white building.

      The method I developed and explain in my book, Embracing Your Subconscious, (go to: asks you to “try on” the various symbols of your dreams. This Inner Dialogue will enlarge your perspective, which otherwise is limited to only one point of view, that of the dreamer. Following the steps I lay out in my book and on my blog, I invite you to try on the “white” symbols and the large waves, and speak as these symbols, to “Bella” as you were in the dream.

      Your subconscious has its own logic, and the reason for the waves being the way they are, the symbols being white, people either listening or not listening to you, you being helpful to others, or angry, or positive and happy, is there in the details of your dream. Only you can discover the depth of meanings that are there.

      Without doing a dream session with you, I would guess that: since these four tidal wave dreams happened in a recent two-week period, it is likely that there is a lot of deep change happening in your life — something that has the power or danger to “sweep you away.” Dreams often give us a chance to “rehearse” and prepare for challenges that are coming our way, and so in your dreams you are facing a formidable challenge, a large wave, and you are finding that when you face it directly, it gets smaller. And you are also discovering that you are more brave, skillful and resourceful than you might have expected. In each of these dreams, you survive unharmed, and in some cases you help other people survive also. All of this is very positive, which you sensed but did not know exactly why.

      Let me know how things go.
      Best wishes,

  6. Recently I realized I have had a reoccurring dream about large waves and decided to google it after waking feeling a little uneasy about it this last time. I have these similar dreams a few times but it wasn’t until recently that I actually realized they were reoccurring since they were so few and far between.

    In my dream it always begins with me, my mom, and my maternal grandmother arriving at a vacation condo at a beach. The excitement among us three builds as we unload out belongings. The next scene usually jumps to my grandmother and I stand at th edge of the road looking at the tropical flowers floating in the water running down the sides of the road.

    The next image is usually a view of the shore. There is a small grassy hill going down from the condo to the sand. There is only about 20 feet of sand with few beach chairs to the water. The water seems to be calm. It is around noon when I am viewing this scene.

    Next I am sitting in an open archway as a giant wave approaches and washes through this 4 story high archway over the parking lot and into the road. The scene of the ocean changes to an almost angry state. These giant waves continue one right after the other.

    I am then caught trying to protect one or two young boys who are probably no older than 8 from these massive waves. Nothing ever seems to happen to me from these massive waves but I am often unable to protect these young boys. However, I am usually very nervous and afraid. It is here that I always wake up. Right before something actually happens to the young boys.

    I find this odd for many reasons. But mainly because I am trying to protect these young boys. I am only 18 and have no children. I don’t understand why I would be protecting them.

    • Hi, Alaina,

      Thanks for sharing your recurring wave dream.

      I’ve highlighted the important symbols and transitions in your dream. There is a lot of rich detail, and even though the feeling of the dream is uncomfortable, there are some very positive elements in it, and many clues to help you understand what your dream wants you to know.

      I scrolled through some of the comments made by other people on my blog, and suggest you do the same. One thing I’m noticing is that almost everyone is encountering a young child or young animal in their wave dream. Why is that, you may wonder?

      Your subconscious has a very artful way of creating a drama to illustrate two or more parts of you which may be in conflict, or which need your conscious attention. Your conscious mind keeps your deeper needs and awareness on the back burner when you’re awake, censoring them in order to keep you focused on everyday activities and responsibilities. But at night, your conscious “censor” goes offline and then your subconscious brings hidden worries and concerns to the front burner, so to speak. Your dreams, and dreams in general, give you a chance to recognize and balance the conflicting needs and feelings, before they get out of hand while awake. Tidal wave dreams are a very dramatic symbol – I’ve had them myself! So they are a clear “pay attention” message.

      Every dreamer needs to “try on” the symbols of the dream, and in your case these would be the “tidal wave,” the “young boys,” and “the floating flowers.”

      But you also need to pay attention to the emotions and actions in the dream: the “angry” waves, your protective actions toward the young boys, and the fact that you seem safe, while they are apparently vulnerable to harm.

      I would ask you: Is there a situation in your present life that is a bit scary or perhaps makes you angry? Is there a part of you that feels young and vulnerable, unable to cope with this challenge?

      Dreams picture the unconscious *vulnerable and tender* parts of us, as well as the capable, angry, and protective parts of us (that we find it easier to consciously recognize). I suggest you try this: Speak as the “young boys,” describe yourself, and then describe from their point of view what is happening in this dream. You will probably start to recognize that they are expressing feelings you weren’t aware you had.

      Let me know how it goes!
      Best wishes,

  7. I really like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it smart. You are just extremely wonderful. I can’t wait to read far more from you. This is actually a great website.

    • Hi, Katrice,
      Thank you so much!
      When you’re ready, let me know what kinds of dreams you’re having, or any questions about a dream.
      Best wishes,

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