Posted by: Jenny Davidow | January 21, 2012

How to Fly in Your Dreams

“Angels fly because they take themselves lightly,”says philosopher Alan Watts. To experience a flying dream, we must also take ourselves lightly and recapture some of the playful wonder of a child.

You can incubate a flying dream by using all of your senses to imagine to a place of transcendent beauty; or you can imagine swooping out of a fall and soaring comfortably above the trees.

When you experience the pleasure of flying in your imagination while awake, you plant the experience in your subconscious – so you can dream about it later. Your dream flights will become more playful and exciting, and your confidence both awake and dreaming will “soar.”

Even more, while in dream flight you can become aware that you are dreaming – and fly across the threshold to experience lucid dreams and the wonders of another realm of consciousness.

As children, we often fly in our dreams. As we get older, though, many of us lose this natural ability. Instead of the lightness and energy of flying, our dreams get heavy and anxious, sometimes taking the form of falling dreams.

The good news is that you can learn what your flying (and falling) dreams mean on a personal level. And you can also learn how to change the anxiety and fear of falling dreams into the pleasure and freedom of flying dreams.

Surprisingly, falling and flying dreams are connected: the physical sensation is really not that different. With just a little bit of intention and incubation, the anxiety you feel in a falling dream can be transformed into the excitement that propels you into unlimited flight.

The degree of freedom to fly in your dreams can help you gauge the degree of freedom you feel to “take off” and be empowered and in charge of your life.

Four basic levels are possible for dream flight:

Falling Dreams: You experience your worst fear – that you are falling from a high place and will be hurt or even killed. In these dreams, you feel panicked and out of control.
As a symbol or metaphor for your life, falling dreams indicate that you feel afraid or insecure about a certain situation or aspect of your life. Further, the dream may indicate that subconsciously you feel powerless to change a real-life situation into a “safer” experience.
Pleasurable Falling Dreams: Like diving into a pool, you are falling downward, but now it feels more like gliding or flying.
Any fear you have is more than compensated by the sensation of pleasure and excitement and the knowledge that you will not be hurt.
“Flapping” Dreams: Like a bird that has wings but cannot fly, you have to work very hard to get off the ground. You may flap your arms vigorously and struggle against gravity to “lift off.”
Unlike the burst of energy that comes with successful flying and soaring dreams, when you “flap” the energy is uneven or seems insufficient to get you into the air.
The experience is frustrating. Sometimes you may lift off a few feet or inches above the ground, and then you may have fear you will fall.
Flying and Soaring Dreams: You feel like Superman or Wonder Woman. You are in control of your movements and able to direct your flight.
You feel confident, powerful and playful. You can go anywhere you want to.
As a symbol or metaphor for your life, this power and freedom of flight indicates that you are “taking off” in your life and that you are energized and confident about your goal and accomplishments.

Try visualizing this tonight before bed:

Imagine and feel yourself in dream flight … use all of your senses…

…Leap into the air and fly. A pleasant surge of energy propels you lightly above the trees. You direct your flight higher, then swoop down and up again.

…Feel the wind in your hair and on your skin. See the landscape below you. Sing or hum a song as you playfully turn somersaults and dance in the air.

Way up here, there is wonder, beauty and power…

© Copyright 2012 by Jenny Davidow
Excerpted from “Embracing Your Subconscious – Bringing All Parts of You into Creative Partnership, ” available now in print and ebook formats.

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