Posted by: Jenny Davidow | March 30, 2012

Inner Journeys into Awakening

by Jenny Davidow, M.A.

Like the mythic Hero who faces challenges, struggles with uncertainty and overcomes fear, we are each on an inner journey.

Each night, while we dream, we dip into an expanded state of consciousness. This natural intelligence is our subconscious mind, which holds vast memories and deep knowing. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, describes this phenomenon in detail. Gladwell, as well as neuroscientists, tells us that we experience this natural intelligence as intuition or a gut feeling while awake. But this inner knowing is often censored by the conscious mind unless we are asleep or deeply relaxed.

The subconscious is not a chaotic “spam filter” for our conscious mind, where the “junk mail” of our emotional and mental lives gets dumped. Today’s science now recognizes what other cultures have known for thousands of years: Our subconscious gives us insight and wisdom that is complementary, and necessary, to balance the abilities of our conscious mind.

What is generally not understood is that the subconscious adds deep perception and a healing dimension to our awareness. This undervalued part of us is the doorway to our memories and creative abilities, as well as the mythic dimension and collective unconscious. Journeys into this realm are both transpersonal and intensely personal at the same time, expanding your awareness to include a a larger perspective.

According to mythologist Joseph Campbell, we are creating and participating in myth every day of our lives. He defines myth as “the secret opening through which the inexhaustible energies of the cosmos pour into human culture.”

What you may not realize is that today, you too can go on an inner journey that awakens you to your deepest needs and desires, as well as to timeless visions that can guide you and offer creative inspiration.

Your higher consciousness speaks to you through your subconscious. Through discovering what your dreams are telling you, you can discover what your deepest wisdom is wanting for you, what your soul is whispering to you.

I have helped countless people go back to their childhood during hypnotic journeys. There, with gentle guidance that keeps them feeling safe, clients may recall an early childhood memory for the first time. These experiences are real. They come back in vivid detail as a memory that was stored in the subconscious, sometimes for forty or more years without coming into conscious awareness.

In a hypnotic regression to a childhood memory, my clients view a previously forgotten memory and quickly discover its significance. And yet these memories are also open to influence. In a comfortable state of relaxation, I invite my clients to step into the scene of the memory and be a protective, loving friend to their child self. In this way, each client is able to give herself or himself what was missing before. This imagined “do-over” fills in the incomplete experience, brings about a perceptible mind/body shift. The result is emotional healing.

For thirty years I have guided clients to heal painful experiences that were blocking them, often without knowing why, from loving relationships, being confident, creative, or comfortable in their own skin. Regression work goes to the deepest level of experiencing and transforms the stored memory, expanding awareness, compassion, and vitality.

As a result, the subconscious accepts the new experience and stores the happier outcome the same as a “real” memory. These new memories act like medicine for the soul, and the memories of actual, harmful events recede and lose their charge. Inner journeys have a profoundly positive effect on each person, removing painful blocks and creating new self-acceptance, choices and loving connection.

On your inner journey, your best ally is your subconscious. In this realm, you can see yourself and others with new eyes. Suddenly, your ears will open to hear with deeper understanding. Your senses can awaken to experience more fully than ever before.


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