Posted by: Jenny Davidow | February 23, 2018


by Jenny Davidow, M.A.

Dreams are such strange things. Why on earth do we experience the frustration, again and again, of being late for a school exam? Or even worse, we show up and realize we’ve never even opened the textbook or attended the class?

What possible purpose is served by a dream where you’re running scared from a dark figure?

Are dreams a mysterious foreign language or puzzle? Or are dreams nonsense for which you can’t find a rhyme or reason?

I believe the reverse is true – that dreams are inherently creative and purposeful.  This creative dreaming intelligence feeds our imagination, problem-solving ability, self-confidence, compassion, and health. After a lifetime of working with dreams, I’ve come to believe that every dream is richly layered with meaning and offers a helpful message that empowers you in the present moment.  In my workshops, I offer an easy way to free up your imagination,  creativity, and the transforming power of dreams.

While you dream, your symbols enact a unique, technicolor story that reveals what you’re currently feeling and needing in your life.  Then while you’re awake, your subconscious mind and dream images quietly influence your health, relationships, confidence and creativity without your conscious awareness. But when you work with your dreams using steps I’ve developed, you can actually shape and influence your dreams and subconscious to support you instead of limit you.

Dreams serve a very important function: By revealing deeper layers of feelings, needs, and creativity – which are beyond what your conscious mind will give you – they enhance your ability to make wise choices and actions in waking life. Even better, your dreams show you hidden paths to create more loving connection and self-acceptance, again in ways that your conscious mind would never even conceive. Dreams also help you prepare subconsciously for the challenges you face every day.

In the Creative Dreaming Workshop on Thursday, October 11, I will teach you an enjoyable 6-step method to decode the mysterious language of dreams.  These steps will show you how to understand your dreams and much more.  These steps enable you to actually shape and influence every dream to be more creative, enjoyable, and confident.  You will discover the insights and guidance every symbol offers to help you in specific ways in the present moment.

No need to remember dreams to fully participate!


Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Bellingham, WA

 To register, please email Jenny:

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