About Jenny Davidow

About Jenny Davidow


 JENNY DAVIDOW, M.A., DCH, holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a  Communication Coach and Certified and Registered Hypnotherapist in the state of Washington.

Jenny specializes in helping you understand the insights and wisdom your subconscious offers every day, in dreams and while awake. For 30 years, she has helped people of all ages to reclaim the gifts and creativity of the subconscious through dream sessions, hypnotic journeys, regressions, dream workshops, and downloadable audio recordings.

Jenny is the author of Embracing Your Subconscious – Bringing All Parts of You into Creative Partnership, now available in e-book formats as well as in print. Jenny’s work appears in three anthologies, Dreamscaping: New and Creative Ways to Work with Your Dreams; Love Games; and The Spirit of Writing.

In her life and work, Jenny has gained a deep appreciation of the fluid, mutual connection between the energy and imagery of our inner world and the quality of our life experiences.

Jenny’s fascination with dreams began when she experienced recurring nightmares as a child. Later, while earning a Master’s Degree in Psychology, she developed a unique method to transform any dream into a creative adventure.

Through Dream Sessions, Hypnotic Regressions, and Dream Workshops, Jenny is particularly gifted at helping people of all ages who suffer from troubled dreams, recurring nightmares, blocked abilities and painful memories. Her intuitive and gentle guidance has given countless clients relief and lasting change.

Enjoy more satisfying and restful sleep and have positive dreams with Jenny’s two recordings,”Dream Visualizations” and “Sweet Dreams,” available as downloadable Mp3’s.  Learn how your subconscious uses dreams to help you and explore your own symbol in a guided exercise, in her fascinating introduction from a live workshop, “The Creative and Healing Power of Dreams.”

Jenny’s popular audio series will help you overcome subconscious blocks to confidence, health, relationships, and creativity. Each Mp3 offers experiential tools and skillful guidance to help you claim the support of your subconscious wisdom, increase inner peace, creativity, motivation, and a satisfying connection with self and others.

Jenny is a skilled and intuitive coach, workshop leader and hypnotherapist. Her approach synthesizes many mind/body disciplines and includes extensive study and application of subconscious communication, energy work, lucid dreaming, Focusing, mindfulness meditation and Compassionate Communication. She has kept her own daily and dream journals for more than thirty-five years.

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