Dream Q & A

Why are dreams important?

The newest research indicates that dreams help us to learn and prepare for the challenges of life. Dreams add a rich dimension of perception and creative problem-solving that isn’t available  to your conscious mind. Through your dreams, you will gain a larger awareness of who you are and what is possible.

Through dreams, you discover your wise self. You receive valuable insight that helps you to balance your head and heart, rational and intuitive abilities, mind and body. You gain the new perspective you need — to clarify relationship issues, remove creative blocks, increase confidence, end nightmares, enhance health and inner peace.

Why do certain dreams repeat? Why do I have scary dreams?

Recurring symbols, repeating themes, and nightmares all serve as signals that a problem or issue needs your attention.

Nightmares — frightening, unpleasant or unhappy dreams — appear and repeat when you have lost awareness of important aspects of your feelings and needs. They repeat until you understand what they are trying to tell you.

The longer a troubling dream pattern or nightmare continues, the more urgently you need to understand and heed its message. In dream sessions, you will resolve inner conflicts that are draining your energy and holding you back. You will discover the rich personal wisdom every dream contains.

Once you understand what your dream is trying to tell you, the pattern no longer needs to repeat. Your dreams will naturally change and become more positive and enjoyable, often within days or weeks.

Many times the insight you receive from a dream will transform your waking life, introducing a new and expansive perception of yourself and others.

How important is it to understand my dreams?
Will it make any difference in the way I feel when I’m awake?

Your dreams picture what you feel at the deepest level, often without knowing it. Dreams reveal your unclaimed potential as well as your inner conflicts.

By understanding your dreams and exploring their deeper meanings, you enter into a two-way communication with your subconscious. Through your dreams you can greatly influence your confidence, self-acceptance, creativity and loving connection to others.

While awake, you will feel more aware and in charge of your emotions. You will experience less stress in difficult situations.

You will awaken positive changes in your perceptions of yourself and others, both in your dreams and daily life.

You will enjoy a wider range of empowering choices.

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 Comments from clients:

“After a few sessions with Jenny, I began to feel my subconscious in a way I never thought possible. I feel more whole, like now I have contact with a part of me that had been missing.

I used to not be able to remember my dreams. Now I often remember four dreams a night.”
C.B., Systems Analyst

“I have gained a deeper trust in myself. I have more access now to my intuitive wisdom and inner strength.”
R.P., Dancer

“Dream sessions have really clarified hidden concerns and problems.”
A.F., Teacher

“Now I can celebrate a 24-hour a day connection and integration with my subconscious — as real as the cement and plaster of the ‘real’ world.”
J.R., Advertising Executive

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