Dream Workshop In Bellingham

* The WISDOM OF DREAMS Workshop  *
In Bellingham, WA, at Whatcom Community College


9 am – 5 pm  *  Only $95


*Learn the Anatomy of a Dream – how to find the symbols and issues your dreams are bringing to your attention

*Explore deeper layers of meaning and communicate with your dream mind, using Jenny’s unique method, the Inner Dialogue

*Cultivate your right brain intuitive ability, so you can understand the symbolic language of dreams: recognize dream messages and repeating dream themes; feel insights and shifts in your body; be more in the present

*Translate the metaphor of your dream – connect dream insights to your life in practical and specific ways

* Accelerate positive and satisfying changes in your dreams

*No need to remember your dreams to fully participate!

*Your dream recall will improve immediately because of this workshop

After this enjoyable hands-on workshop, you will take home with you the ability and tools to find the helpful message in any symbol and claim the wisdom offered in every dream.

You will experience increased confidence, self-acceptance and clarity in your dreams – and your waking life.

Only $95

Register through Whatcom Community College
Call WCC to register today:  (360) 383-3200

This workshop is presented by Jenny Davidow, M.A., DCH, author of “Embracing Your Subconscious.”  Jenny has facilitated beginning to advanced dream workshops for thirty years.

For More Information, call Jenny at (360) 389-2432


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