A monthly experiential Dream Circle
With Jenny Davidow, M.A.

Learn how to understand your dreams and influence them to be more satisfying.
All levels welcome!
* Why are dreams hard to remember or understand?
* What helpful messages can dreams – or even nightmares – offer?
* Can dreams guide us somehow to understand our emotions and develop more compassion?
* How can dreams free our creativity and inform us about our health and relationships?
During this Dream Circle or beginning workshop, you will be invited and guided to use
6 simple steps to understand a dream you’ve had, or a symbol you will spontaneously receive while at the workshop.
You will take home with you the ability to understand any symbol, and to claim the wisdom offered in every dream.
The topics and lessons change from month to month. Join the Circle whenever you can!

Time:  7 pm – 9 pm, tba
Location:  Bellingham, WA
Please email to pre-register: coach@jennydavidow.com
$20 with pre-registration/ $25 at the door.

Presented by Jenny Davidow, M.A., author of “Embracing Your Subconscious.”
Jenny has taught dream workshops for over 30 years.

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