Dream Sessions

Imagine feeling more connected to the heart and core of your being…

…in touch with your needs, potential and inner wisdom…

Every night, your dream mind offers you stories that tell you what you need to know, right now, today —
so you can live your life with more satisfaction, balance and loving connection.

Dream Sessions help you to understand the important insights and practical guidance these stories offer.
You will experience deeper understanding, compassion and self-acceptance.

1. Dream Session, 60 minutes.

Is there a dream that puzzles or haunts you?

Individual dream sessions help you to use the wisdom offered every night by your dream mind. Gain the new perspective and insight you need: to clarify relationship issues, remove creative blocks, increase confidence, end nightmares, enhance health and inner peace.

You will experience the exciting and practical ways one dream or subconscious image can help you to see a problem clearly, on many levels at once. Each dream session provides a caring, safe atmosphere and in-depth experience.

You will enter into a communication with your dreams and symbols that will encourage deeper self-awareness and self-acceptance. You will discover how every dream offers a helpful and healing message, pointing the way toward your next steps for growth.

2. Dream Series. A total of 4 hours.

Have you dreamed about the same situation over and over for months — or years?

Your dream mind is trying to tell you something important! These dreams will keep repeating until you understand the healing insights they offer. Once you do, your dreams will change and become satisfying, confidence-building, and healing.

You can also use the Dream Series to explore any three dreams.

You will be amazed to see how quickly your dreams can be transformed into empowering, creative adventures.

Inner Dialogue and dream work with Jenny will help you to discover your personal meanings and the valuable insights offered in every dream, even in nightmares.

3. Buy an MP3 — Get a FREE phone consultation!

Buy one of Jenny Davidow’s MP3s and get a free 10-minute phone session with her. All you need is to purchase the MP3, then email her to schedule a session time. This is a great way to experience for yourself how quickly a dream can give you powerful insights — while also offering helpful guidance and encouragement.

Limited to one per person.

Schedule your dream session today.
Email Jenny at coach@jennydavidow.com

Sessions via telephone, video phone and in person.

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